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Superior Used Cars

For more than thirty years, Scandinavian has earned its reputation for selling "factory condition" used cars by preparing cars for sale better than anyone else. We start with the very best cars and then elevate them to the condition of cars that have been impeccably maintained. When a part is found that is close to the end of its life, it gets replaced. Of course, our commitment does not stop at the time of sale. All of the cars have our own meaningful warranties and Extended Nationwide Warranties are available on most cars.

Scandinavian Certified Cars

A Scandinavian Certified car offers much more than the superficial splendor of shining sheet metal. A Scandinavian Certified car has exactly what it takes for a genuinely satisfying relationship with a machine: heavyweight mechanical substance. Thirty-five years of service experience empowers us to select and then enhance only the best cars. We are exceedingly particular and painstakingly choose and prepare Scandinavian Certified cars.

The exceptional excellence of Scandinavian Certified cars often surprises our first time visitors. That is because our Certified cars provide the superior level of quality and peace of mind matched only when paying the huge premium of buying a new car. The experience of buying a Scandinavian Certified car is designed to be pleasing, non-adversarial, equitable, and thorough to the last detail. Our Certified cars speak for themselves in our no pressure, non-adversarial sales department. Why not enjoy substantial savings while escaping from the uneasiness of buying a used car?

We find the best two to six year old cars because we know they embody the best value in the automotive marketplace.

Carfax vehicle history reports are used to gather all obtainable information on every car before we buy it. Our customers are encouraged to review the reports and we help by explaining their contents. A Carfax vehicle history report includes: vehicle specifications, clean title history guarantee, odometer rollback check, and vehicle history details.

Our cars are methodically scrutinized and evaluated by our service department using our own comprehensive Certified inspection system in addition to the manufacturer's recommended inspection process.

Everything is professionally repaired, cleaned, and manufacturer's scheduled maintenance procedures are done on the car. Nothing is left for you to do after the purchase of a Scandinavian Certified car.

Scandinavian Certified cars come with owner's manuals, a spare key, and regular maintenance schedules. We service the cars that we sell and most of our sales customers depend on us for regular maintenance.


We are known for proudly standing behind our product. Our cars carry meaningful warranties and nationwide extended warranties are available. Warranty terms and conditions are displayed clearly on every car. For more information about our warranties, click here.


Real and fair prices are forthrightly posted on our cars. Prices are honest values. They are never the starting point in a negotiating contest. There are no hidden markups or charges like processing fees. What you see is what you get.

If you are curious about the "Blue Book" value, just ask, and we will gladly provide that information.

State Inspection

All Scandinavian Certified cars are Maryland State Inspected and we guarantee passage of out of state inspection.

Buying A Car

Once a car is selected, a Buyer's Order is completed, and a deposit is placed. The Buyer's Order clearly provides the details of the purchase: price, date of delivery allowing ample time for obtaining funds, form of payment, and warranty information.

Tags And Title

We are authorized by the States of Maryland and Virginia to provide tags for all of our cars. We do all title work for Maryland and Virginia residents and can transfer or provide permanent tags. We save you a trip to the MVA.


Scandinavian now offers financing through a local Maryland bank. The rates are attractive and loan applications can be processed while you wait. While we help to process the application, the actual loan servicing is provided by the bank.

       Special Note: Prepurchase Inspections are offered on all Saab, MINI or Volvo models



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